The first short film she created using MovieStorm was "Werewolf 'Term Paper" from a short story she had written and then was reproduced to a newer short film entitled "Darkness" (35 minute).

She also created a few episodes from another script she had written "Mad House Mania".

Her short films: "The Subway", "Rooms", "Bring Me A Dream" "A Tribute to Hugh Hancock" & her music video "Louisiana Bayou"; have won multiple awards. Marilyn does all the voice overs for her films.

She has also produced animated music videos of her songs as well as being commissioned to do music videos and animated short stories.
All films produced by MLONightwolf Productions/Marilyn Oakley

Bring Me A Dream Poster-with-awards-8

Bring Me A Dream Poster


Bring Me A Dream Film Awards

Los Angeles CineFest "Bring Me A Dream" Semi-Finalist Dec 2019 (Jan 2020)

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream" Selected May 2019

Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream" Semi-Finalist Jan 2020

Beyond the Curve International Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream" has been awarded "official selection Also received Certificate Of Excellence for being a Finalist in Best Animated Film (Main Category)

Fantastic Indie Festival of Los Angeles "Bring Me A Dream" is officially selected for the Spring season March 2021 Also an Award Winner

After Hour Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream", Official Selection & Certificate of Recognition April 2021

Florida Shorts Festival "Bring Me A Dream" Semi-Finalist April 2021

Hong Kong Indie Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream" Semi-Finalist May 2021

Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills "Bring Me A Dream" Selected as Award Winner April 2021

Taiwan International Short Film Festival “Bring Me A Dream” received Award Winner for Best Animated Short Film Dec 3, 2021

Havelock International Film Festival “Bring Me A Dream” Selected Apr 2022

Venus International Fil Festivals "Bring Me A Dream" Award Winner May 2022

Havelock Intl Short Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream" updated to Award Winner May 2022

Tamilnadu Intl Film Festival "Bring Me A Dream" Selected to be included in festival

Motion Horse Intl Film Festival Official Selection May 2022

Runtime- 16:40


Official Selection-Bring Me A Dream


Rooms Poster

Rooms Film Awards

The $5 Film Festival "Rooms" Semi-Finalist Aug 2018

London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames "Rooms" Selected March 2021
London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames Rooms also Selected as Award Winner March 2021

Voline Film Festival (VOFF) "Rooms" Officially Selected April 2021

Paris International Short Festival "Rooms" Finalist April 2021

EdiPlay In’t Film Festival "Rooms" Official Selection & Certificate of Excellence April 2021

Filmysea International Film Festival “Rooms” Selected as Best Animation (Short Film) for March 2022

Golden Leaf International Film Festival "Rooms" Selected April 2022
Awarded "Winner" May 2022


Runtime - 12:47


26@3x (3)
2022-05-04 Rooms

The Subway Poster-awards-4

The Subway Poster

The Subway Film Awards

Redwood Film Festival "The Subway" Selected March 2021

Berlin Shorts Award "The Subway" Selected March 2021

Redwood Film announces "The Subway" as Winner of March 2021 for Best Animation Film

Serbest International Film Festival "The Subway" has been awarded Semi-Finalist Sept 2021

EDFAFO Electronic Digital Film Aft Festival Online “The Subway” is Nominee for Best Animated Film for April 20, 2022

Vision International Film Festival "The Subway" has been selected as Award Winner with Special Mention award, April 2022

Durban International Short Film Festival “The Subway” Selected Apr 2022

Runtime - 12:16

Best Animation Film

cic ch2-poster-award

CIC CH 2 Poster

CIC CH2 Film Award

This was only submitted to one festival by request and won in the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Online Festival and was selected to be included in the festival, Apr 2018

Runtime- 6:10



Tribute To Hugh Hancock Poster

Tribute to Hugh Hancock Film Awards

Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival “Tribute To Hugh Hancock” has been Selected Dec 2021

Venus International Film Festivals “Tribute to Hugh Hancock” Selected to be included in Festival Jan 2022
Venus International Films Festival “Tribute to Hugh Hancock updated to Award Winner in Festival Jan 2022 & Special Jury Award March 2022

Dubai Independent Film Festival “Tribute to Hugh Hancock” selected as Finalist for the festival, Jan 2022

Reels International Film Festival “Tribute to Hugh Hancock” selected as Nominee and won Award Winner 1st Place Feb 2022
And also won the award for Best Female Director Animation Film

Filmsea International Film Festival “Tribute to Hugh Hancock” Selected to be included in Festival Mar 2022

Runtime- 17:37



Louisiana Bayou Poster

Louisiana Bayou Awards

Delta International Film Festival “Louisiana Bayou” Official Selection and updated to Finalist for Best Music Video (Main category) and received a Certificate of Excellence

Malabar Music Festival “Louisiana Bayou” Official Selection to be included in festival Feb 2022 as Best American Music Video

MP Film Award “Louisiana Bayou” Selected to be included in festival, updated to Award winner March 26 2022 and received MP Film “Louisiana Bayou” Certificate of Award for Best Editor March 31 2022

Munich Music Video Awards "Louisiana Bayou" Selected as Best Animation Music Video and also received Finalist May 2022

Runtime- 7:45

Certificate (1)
Diploma Finalist March 2022.pptx (1)
Best Editor


Sabrina * Warrior Poster

Sabrina * Warrior Awards

Delphi International Film Festival " Official Selection and chosen as Award Winner - May 2022

Delta Intl Film Festival "Official Selection" May 2022

Vision Intl Film Festival "Winner" Best Animated Short Film May 2022

Runtime- 46:42

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-20 at 9.46.30 AM