Along with lyric writing Marilyn enjoys writing short stories. She started making animated films using Moviestorm since 2017.

She currently writes and produces a series entitled "Collaborators In Crime" that is on-going. Her series CIC has been running since fall of 2017. She does all the voice overs for her films.

The series was originally produced as film shorts that ranged from 5 to 12 minutes and ran weekly from Nov 2017 to Feb 2022. Which created 185 episodes. She is currently combining the episodes into at least 25 minutes plus to enjoy the series & follow the storylines better. Which you may view here on this page. Hope you enjoy the CIC series.

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Collaborators In Crime Series (drama, adventure, humor & romance)

Synopsis: Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton have had enough. They decide that life has been less than fair to them and hasn't given them enough opportunities, so they are going to do something about it. Ronni and Jessi resolve to take charge of their own lives, their own destiny...and to make their own opportunities...even if the opportunities require them to become...collaborators in crime.
Samm Wyse and Carrie Gyze are two ambitious and determined detectives, bent on upholding the law and hopefully bringing the two girls to justice.
Officer Chubby Gyze is the Chief of the Pittsavle Police Department.

This story is fiction. Events take place in and around the fictitious town of Pittsvale in the Midwest.

Written and produced by (c)Marilyn Oakley using Moviestorm
Disclaimer: Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

CIC 1 – In this pilot episode, Jessi Fulton, Littleville and Ronni Hutton, Pittsvale live 90 miles apart. They will meet and become friends. They build on their friendship and become close and decide to take a step in their possible career choice as collaborators.

Extra characters in this pilot in order of appearance: Michael, Jessi’s mom and her boss, Ronni’s co-worker Aaron, bar patrons, piano and drum player, street person, Sheriff from Casstown, B&L Liquor store worker in Crusetown.

Runtime- 32:01

CIC 2 – In this episode; the Crusetown police receive a call about the liquor store robbery, and the report is faxed to the Pittsvale police station, where Officer Chubby Gyze takes it. Samm Wyse who is the town detective arrives at the station where she works. Jessi and Ronni go shopping for a new wardrobe, as their friendship continues to grow even closer. They arrive at Fat’s Bar & Grill in their new attire. Carrie Gyze is introduced in this episode.

Extra characters in this episode, officers from the Crusetown police station, Pittsvale police officers and patrons sitting in station, blond haired girl (Samm’s friend), female grocery store cashier.

Runtime- 28:53

CIC 3 – In this episode; starts with Jessi and Ronni at their hideout after the grocery store robbery. Officers Tommy and Betty have the report from the robbery and share the details with Samm. The WyseGyze Detective Agency will be taking on the new case. After a few days, the girls decide to head back home instead of staying at their hideout. They drop by Fat’s to see if he suspects anything.

Extra characters in this episode, girl cashier at grocery store and patron, bar patrons, employee Brian from the B&L Liquor store and his mother

Runtime- 27:57

CIC 4 – In this episode; Jessi & Ronni go over the info they found out on Carl Barnaby which leads to devising a new plan and they decide to get some new wheels. Carrie and Samm discuss the armed robbers and a whole new case comes in in which Carrie is happy to take on. They do their first surveillance. Theresa Prell makes an appearance in this episode. Jessi and Ronni get a little assistance from Officer Chubby who happened to be the previous owner of the new car they purchased.

Extra Characters: People in car

Runtime- 30:37

CIC 5 – In this episode, Carrie gets home and shares with Chubby about her new “Prell” case. Then Carrie and Samm must share their findings with Mrs. Prell, who takes matters into her own hand. Carrie tells Chubby her and Samm have a plan to catch the supermarket flasher. Carl Barnaby has feelings for his maid, Maria and gives her a gift, which she has other plans for. The detective ladies do some shop talk about the robberies and Prell case. The girls, Jessi and Ronni talk more on their plan for the Barnaby bank job. Ms. Alt makes her initial appearance in this episode.

Extra characters in this episode; Maria the maid and her husband, restaurant & donut shop patrons, Maria’s neighbor, Stacy the bank teller, bank employees and customers

Runtime – 33:06

CIC 6 – In this episode, Carrie and Samm are busy with various cases. Jessi and Ronni arrive home to find something on their doorstep. Alice is not happy that her scheme isn’t happening fast enough, while Jim wished he could just move in with her. Ronni has a restless night as her past won’t let go of her, and the next day the girls make some plans to get away for some fun time. Maria and her hubby on their travels. Carl needs to deal with Alice, and Ms. Alt hates to see him so unhappy, as he usually shares things with her and it’s bugging her to not know what’s going on with him. When Samm and Carrie visit the police station, Chubby is put in an awkward position.

Extra characters; Maria and her husband, waitress and restaurant patrons, mystery person at doorstep, barber at barbershop and male patron, a friend with Theresa, Mrs. Potter, ladies outside barbershop, Stacy the bank teller, people on street outside coffeeshop, person sitting at police station, man on street outside bank atm’s, crew at construction site, bank customer, man at horse ranch, missing teen and her parents

Runtime – 35:39

CIC 7 – In this episode Carl meets the new maid Edith before setting out to see his lawyer to figure out what can be done about Alice, and he shares photos with Mr. Banner. He also makes his appointment with Wyse Gyze Detectives, and the ladies start the work on their new case with Mr. Barnaby. Samm and Carrie stop by the police station to get things rolling for the Maria (maid) case and set out to do another case. Fats runs into Jessi and Ronni at the ice cream shop. Maria and her hubby are in Kansas visiting with family. As nighttime falls, Chubby waits for Carrie to arrive home. Andy Collins is introduced in this episode. Song playing during Theresa scene, “Loving In The Dark” (M Oakley/S Vaughan)

Extra characters; Edith the maid, Stacy the bank teller, Mr. Banner the lawyer and secretary (Mrs. Banner), Jessi & Ronni coworkers, bank customers, Officer Marcy, Johnny and his wife

Runtime – 38:18

CIC 9 – In this episode; Jessi & Ronni are on their way to Jessi’s folks place for the weekend. Samm gets the news about Maria the maid and her husband. And as Saturday starts a new day, Ms. Alt and her son Andy make some weekend plans and they discuss Carl Barnaby. Carrie & Chubby talk about the case of Maria the maid and share some information with each other. Carl can’t help but worry over the pictures Alice is trying to blackmail him with. Wondering if anything can be done to stop her. An excerpt of a “As You Like It” in this episode. And as Sunday rolls around, the flasher case is going down for Carrie and Samm.

Extra characters; girls walking through park, Jessi’s mom and dad, actors in play, man on bicycle, Mr. Henry the flasher

Runtime – 34:25

CIC 10 – In this episode, as Monday continues, Jessi & Ronni run into Carl Barnaby and Jessi gets the ball rolling by introducing themselves. Carl gets a call from his lawyer, Mr. Banner, who also calls Alice. After the lawyer calls, Jim gets to move in with Alice. Carrie and Chubby are out for a nice romantic dinner and after dinner, when they leave tragedy happens. Storyline continues into Tuesday as Samm and Chubby are at the hospital with Carrie. Carl finally shares with Ms. Alt to lets her know what has been going on. Officer Tommy drops by the detective office to tell Samm some information. Carl arrives later for his dinner date with the girls.

Extra characters; Store clerk and patrons, bystander in street, robber, nurse, doctor, hospital staff.

Runtime – 37:36

CIC 11 – In this episode, Tues continues into Wed; Carl Barnaby had arrived for dinner with the girls, and an after-dinner surprise is in store for them. But the surprise doesn’t stop there, Wed morning the girls are in store for more surprises. Tuesday evening Samm had shared the antique store robbery with Carrie while at the hospital. Wed morning, Ms. Alt is happy to see Carl so cheerful. After work the girls hit Fat’s Bar then head home and wait for a pizza delivery.

Extra characters; Stacy the bank teller, bar patrons, coworkers of the girls, pizza delivery guy

Runtime – 36:56

CIC 12 – In this episode which goes from Wed night into Friday morning; Chubby, Carrie and Samm see a special show event that is taking place at the hospital. Early Friday morning, Carl Barnaby looks forward to this day, as he is getting his divorce finalized from Alice. Naturally, Alice has another scheme going to get money from Carl. The doctor tells Carrie she can go home. At Carl’s house, Edith answers the door to find 2 women there to take pictures of the home. The 2 women are Jessi & Ronni in disguise. Lisa, Andy’s girlfriend in this episode.

Extra Characters; Doctor, nurse, Edith the maid, Mr. Banner the lawyer and Mrs. Banner (his secretary), bank patrons, Stacy the bank teller, restaurant patrons, barber at barbershop, client from barbershop, ppl on airplane.

Runtime – 35:51

CIC 13 – In this episode; Friday continues as Ms. Alt had gone to visit her son, Andy and they have dinner together at a nice restaurant later in the evening. Since Jessi nabbed some stacks of money from Carl’s home, they make a decision about work. Later in the night Carl thinks back about Ronni and now is happy to be able to pursue her since his divorce is finalized. As Saturday rolls around the girls discuss their doings and plans to go ahead with the Carl scheme. Carrie and Chubby discuss the robberies, and how the tictacs seems to tie them all together. Theresa Prell has a new guest in her life. Ms. Alt and her son have a long overdue emotional conversation.

Extra Characters; restaurant patrons, Theresa Prell guest

Runtime – 36:36

CIC 14 – In this episode; Saturday. Theresa has her new guest over for dinner at her home and they some nice conversation with dinner and wine. Carrie continues to work from home on the robbery cases, so Samm drops in for a visit. The girls, Jessi & Ronni are just hanging at home when Ronni gets an unexpected phone call. Later in the day, Theresa and Dennis dine out for supper and the girls get ready for a dinner date as well. Then Sunday, Dennis joins Theresa for a nice walk by the lake. Ms. Alt and Andy had a nice visit over the weekend. Song during Theresa scene “A Heart Learns To Fly” ©Marilyn Oakley

Extra Characters; Theresa’s butler; beauty shop hairdressers, restaurants host and diners, Fat’s brother, Samm’s friend

Runtime – 37:59

CIC 15 – In this episode; Monday morning Carrie makes her doctor appt hoping he’ll release her to go back to work. Chubby returns to work with a nice welcome back from his fellow officers. Jessi and Ronni hit their favorite ice cream shop where they run into a group of bikers. As Tuesday rolls in, Chubby talks to his fellow officers about the new biker gang in town as Officer Pete had visited him to fill him in on this particular gang. Fats is greeted with Jessi and Ronni waiting to talk to him when he goes to open his bar.

Extra Characters; Doctor, nurse, bank customer, Stacy the bank teller, bikers, patrons in ice cream shop, shop owners and daughter

Runtime – 37:28

CIC 16 – In this episode; the girls fill Fats in on the newcomers in town. Alice takes up spying on her ex-Carl Barnaby. Dennis’s job takes him away and he must return home. The biker gang starts setup in Pittsvale. Chubby has a meeting with his officers to fill them in on the new gang in town.

Extras: Local gang members, FBI agent, police officers, officers’ children, people in park, Stacy the bank teller, morgue worker

Runtime – 35.55

CIC 17 – In this episode; Officer Tommy visits the morgue to see what’s up with the body that came in, and then visits one of the local gangs. The biker girls get caught up in conversation about their guys. A new situation arises for Officer Tommy. Carrie tries to come up with possible suspects that may have done the local robberies. Alice and Jim are staking out Carl’s place. The girls go on a dinner date with Carl. Chubby is going to go forth with his own investigation on the bikers.

Extras: morgue worker, gang members, Tommy’s wife, FBI agents

Runtime – 32:21

CIC 18 – In this episode; Officers Betty and Tommy discuss the bikers and various other characters revolving around the bikers. Russo’s old lady decides to confront him. Ronni is a bit bummed, and Jessi suggests going for a walk, as she shares her heart as well. They head over to the Market Square. Carrie is still adamant that the biker chicks are possibly the tic-tac bandits. One of the smaller local gangs discuss their new situation with the bikers and what their best move is. Theresa arrives at Dennis’ place and is looking forward to spending more time with him. Lisa visits Andy and he decides to fly back home for a visit and wants to introduce Lisa to his mother.

Runtime – 30.39

CIC 19 – In this episode; When Jake (Skeeter) arrives home, he is met with a proposition. Stitches and Toad discuss some business that needs to be taken care of and set everything up in motion. Andy and Lisa are in Pittsvale planning to make a surprise visit to his mother, but first he has other business to take care of. Chubby goes out to have his usual meeting with Jake. And the next day he and his fellow officers discuss the biker’s case; and Bobby’s wife isn’t happy with him.

Runtime – 33.48

CIC 20 – In this episode; Continuing storyline, Chubby talking with his fellow officers and Bobby with his wife. Dennis shares his past with Theresa. Jessi and Ronni make plans for their day. The local gangs get a visit from the bikers, Russo and Luke.

Runtime – 32.42

CIC 21 – In this episode; Friday continues as Carrie and Samm are in the office working on cases, but Carrie seems distracted. Andy and Lisa have arrived in Pittsvale, but Andy has some business first to take care of before visiting his mother. Someone visits the police station to see Chubby. Jessi and Ronni enjoy their shopping outing and Jessi has a suggestion for Ronni.

Runtime – 36.09

CIC 22 Coming soon ...