First Song Recorded

Song "Better Things Than you" by Dainel Jackson, released on her debut album Better Things Than You (2003)
This song landed her first single song publishing deal in 1998 with Allan Licht (Allan Bradley Music)
Her and Allan co-wrote 2 songs together; My Heart's Comin by Maddy Wanke and Night Wolf Lover by Arielle
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Marilyn was a featured contributor with her poems; "Survivor Of My Enemy" and "Bruises On My Heart" included in the book "Soul Vomit" - The Mission: To raise awareness about domestic violence and give victims and survivors a voice. This book is for those who suffer in silence. Book url : Soul Vomit: Domestic Violence Aftermath


Credits | Highlights

Song Of The Year Award 2019 Song Contest "Love Sure Can Try" Runner Up
Song Of The Year Award June 2013 "A Soul Once On Fire" Semi-Finalist
Also "Hearts Slowly Dance" Runner-Up
Song Of The Year Award Oct 2010 "Night Wolf Lover" (cowritten w/ Allan Licht) Semi-Finalist
Song of the Year Award December 2008 "Love Will Find A Way" - (cowritten w/ Bill Scull Jr) Runner Up
First Runner Up in Ben Stein's Songwriting Contest (2008) for his documentary 'Expelled No Intelligence Allowed', with song "We Are".
"You Think You Know Me" Broadjam Earth Top 10 at #7, Broadjam Top 10 charts & Rock Top 10 at #2 (2017)
"Always Forever Til Infinity " Broadjam Earth Top 10 at #10

Monica Stevenson Food Reel-Music by: Marilyn Oakley-Jack in the Box

Composer for Howling Music

Song Cuts - Indie Artists (1999-2004)

Letting Love Go (Oakley) Album: A Little Bit Of Everything (2004) Artist: Jaime Beaver
Country Girl's Gonna Rock & Roll (Oakley) Album: Window To My Soul (1999) Artist: Brandi Ward
Hear My Tears (Oakley) Single (2001) Artist: Eileen Balzano
All Of You All Of Me (Oakley) Single (2001) Artist: Eileen Balzano
A Heart Learns To Fly (Oakley) Single (2001) Artist: Eileen Balzano
Let's Spread Love (Up & Down The Halls) (Oakley) Christmas Single (2001) Artist: Eileen Balzano

Candle Light The Way (Oakley/Scull)
Album: Something To Say (2003) Artist: Joey Pearson Label: Encin Music
C'mon C'mon (Oakley) Album: Bright Eyes (2002) Artist: Steven M McLachlan
I Am The Music (Oakley/Vaughan) Album: The Way The Story Goes (2004) Artist: Steven M McLachlan
Novel aka Love's Like A Novel (Oakley/Tabora) Album: Novel Artist: Joey Pearson (2004) Label: Encin Music

8 songs on this album:
Steppin In To Steppin Out Tonight (Oakley)
Loving In The Dark (Oakley/Vaughan)
I'm A Woman Of Your World (Oakley)
Heavens Window Pane (Oakley/Crews)
I Am The Music (Oakley/Vaughan)
Those Days Are Gone (Oakley/Evans)
Little Love Bug (Oakley)
Night Wolf Lover (Oakley/Licht)
Album: Steppin In (2000)
Artist: Eileen Balzano

5 songs on this album:
A Night Without Love (Oakley/Evans)
Black Heart Bleed Red (Oakley)
Nice Problem To Have (Oakley/Vaughan)
I Don't Need The Lights On (Oakley/Scull)
Takin' It Down (Oakley)
Album: A Night Without Love (2001)
Artist: Bill Scull Jr.

Netflix Spy Ops Episodes 5 & 7

Shows and Episode Credits -
Ari & Lanum
Falesha & Jaqueline
Ayissha & Sydney
Kayla & Courtney
Dejay Malik & Josiah
Ayissha & Sydney
Tiana & James

MTV Suspect – True Crime Stories
Shawntel & Jasmine and Brandiss & Paweena

Ep People vs Johnny Bananas - Rescore

Vice – Vice News Tonight Ep 044
Vice – Show Of Force & Return to Somalia

MTV Super Shore Ep 102

FYI Biography – Hot Famous and Forty (2011)
Tragic Side of Fame – Tragic Side of Fame 2 (2011)

Radio - CBC-Radio Canada TV Network in Quebec (2011)

Older Catalog of Songs 1998-2004
with a handful of songs produced after 2004

If you can dream it, you can make it so

Marilyn's Drum Track used in 2 episodes of Netflix's Spy Ops.