Award winning Songwriter/Composer. Marilyn captivates hearts and souls with her music. A composer and musician, she weaves a tapestry of emotions through her diverse and eclectic compositions, embracing both harmony and dissonance. Renowned for her innate talent in harmonizing intricate sound samples into captivating auditory experiences, Marilyn has earned a reputation as a masterful artist whose creations transcend boundaries. Her works are not only intellectually stimulating but also emotionally resonant, showcasing her exceptional ability to evoke deep connections through the power of music. Her songs are also recorded by amazing and talented artists.

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Music Supervisors/Producers

me -2016

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Marilyn Oakley (1)

"One More Song" (Oakley-Wentworth) by country artist "Jessica Lynn" on "Lone Rider" LP released Sept 9, 2022.
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Small Town Dust by country artist Amie Scheitel-released March 2022

Memberships & Song Awards

World Songwriting Awards:

Finalist Spring 2020 Best Song Collaboration "Freaking Arrow"

Finalist Summer 2020 Best Song Collaboration "I Let You In"

Finalist Winter 2021 Best Song Collaboration "Just One Drink Away"

Finalist Spring 2021 Best Modern Country Song "3 A.M."

Finalist Summer 2021 Best Modern Country Song "Crash & Burn"

Award Fall 2021 Best Music Collaboration "Poison"

Finalist Winter 2022 Best Pop Song "Like A Shakespearean Play"

Finalist Spring 2022 Best Pop Song "Meant To Fly"

Finalist Summer 2022 Best Pop Song "Scars On Your Heart"

Finalist Fall 2022 Best Pop Song "I'm Not Caged"

Finalist Spring 2023 Best Pop Song "Let It Go And Fly"


Best Of SongU Awards for:

Spitfire & Whiskey
Freaking Arrow
Is Too Real
One More Song
Hellfire & Holy Water
Crash & Burn
Draw That Line
A Kiss
Bond Of Brotherhood
I Got Male
Ex Is
Small Town Dust
Just One Drink Away
Always A Dreamer
Let Love Take A Chance
Strength In Your Tears
What If I Fly
Leading The Pack
Written In Dust
Only Skin Deep
Wool Over Your Lies
Parts Of Speech
Like A Shakespearean Play

Received a "Rising Star" award for the song "Ex Is"

Monica Stevenson Photography Food Reel

Jack In The Box (music by Marilyn Oakley)


"Are You Lonesome Tonight"
Feat. Nekane

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