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Short Films Written, Directed & Produced by Marilyn Oakley of MLO Nightwolf Productions -Created Using Moviestorm A big thanks goes to these Modders for their work: ShortFuze, 3DTree, EugeneE, Bilbu Mods, Shirley Martin, PapaG, Two Moon Graphics, Lovely Striped, Jumper, TheBroomOfDoom, jamoram, kkffoo, writerly, Nahton, primaveranz, chris ollis and many others.

These are a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the authorís imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Synopsis: Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton have had enough. They decide that life has been less than fair to them and hasn't given them enough opportunities, so they are going to do something about it. Ronni and Jessi resolve to take charge of their own lives, their own destiny...and to make their own opportunities...even if the opportunities require them to become...collaborators in crime.
Join Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton as they set out on an adventure of a lifetime, taking them across the country to such places as Las Vegas and even down to the Mexican border...and witness how their newfound freedom causes their lives to intertwine with the lives of Samm Wyse and Carrie Gyze, two ambitious and determined detectives, bent on upholding the law and bringing the two girls to justice. Once you meet Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton...you'll never see life quite the same way again. And that's how they like it. That's the way things usually go when you are Collaborators In Crime.

Prologue: Introduces the 2 main characters of this film; Jessi & Ronni.

CH 1 - Sets up how Jessi & Ronni will eventually meet. Some insight into their current
state of mind.

CH 2 - This chapter finds the 2 girls building on their friendship after meeting and
spending a weekend with eachother and sharing a tender moment.

CH 3 - Some insight to what the 2 girls may perhaps have in common, and we further
learn of a broken heart of one to go along with the bruised heart of the other.

CH 4 - We meet 2 supporting characters of this story; Chubby Gyze (Police officer) and
Samm Wyse (Private Detective).

CH 5 - Jessi & Ronni feel some changes are in order. Ronni shares another tender moment
with Jessi as their friendship continues to grow. Girls night out brings a nice surprise to
their fav hangout at Fats Bar & Grill.

CH 6 - Jessi & Ronni after a rough night & a breakfast chat. Carrie (married to Officer
Chubby Gyze) is introduced in this chapter. Samm inquires from Chubby if Carrie had
graduated her PI course, as she is looking for a good business partner.

CH 7 - Jessi and Ronni take another step to advance their new careers. Samm & Carrie
become business partners. Supermarket Music Royalty Free by Bit Orchestra.

CH 8 - Jessi & Ronni hanging out at their hideout. Samm & Carrie may get a chance to
break in their new business Wyse Gyze Detective Agency on a new case.

CH 9 - The girls are back to home sweet home and wondering what's up. Fats is curious
to their whereabouts. Are Jessi and Ronni ready to take their next step?

CH 10 - Samm and Carrie investigate a possible lead in their current case. Jessi comes
up with a solution to their car problem. Chubby arrives home to an empty house for the
first time.

CH 11 - Samm & Carrie follow up on their lead questioning a witness. Jessi & Ronni go
for a ride and get a bite when the four ladies indirectly inadvertently pass by eachother
unknowningly. Ideas and possible scenarios are discussed between the two collaborators.
Chubby is one happy man again.

CH 12 - Jessi & Ronni had done some homework for their upcoming career move
and also go shopping for some new wheels. Samm & Carrie discuss the collaborators in
crime case and the lack of facts to solve it. But they do get a new case to investigate.

CH 13 - Wyse Gyze Detectives are more than happy to take on Mrs. Prell's case and they do
a stakeout. Sometimes it's a small world, but not quite small enough yet, even at a block
apart. Jessi & Ronni meet someone new as well as find out some information that is related
to an ongoing case. Jessi has a new idea for their future bank heist and passes it by Ronni to
get her thoughts.

CH 14 - Jessi lets Ronni know who the future bride can be and why. Although Ronni
isn't as open to the new bride idea she understands the why. Samm and Carrie get a
chance to follow Mr. Prell to see what he is up to and if he is actively having an affair.
Carrie is anxious to bust him.

CH 15 - The collaborators in crime discuss their plan in more detail as Ronni is still
trying to get used to the idea. But good ol' Ben keeps her feet on the ground. Detective
Wyse and Gyze are surprised to find out who Mr. Prell is having an affair with. They
put into action their plan to get the proof they need to expose him and his little secret.
It takes Carrie everything she has to keep her emotions aside.

CH 16 - Carrie & Samm back at their office, discuss what could be up with the Barnaby's.
Especially after finding who Prell's mistress is. Carrie is suspicious of the real reason
behind this divorce. Later when she goes home, Chubby inquires how her day went, and
she tells him about the Prell bust and she also shares how she feels there is a different
motive for the Barnaby's split. Jessi brings up some more ideas to their plan and Ronni
ends the night on a positive note.

CH 17 - Emotional for Carrie, her and Samm need to break the news to Mrs. Prell about
her cheating husband. In turn, Mrs. Prell takes thing into her own hands to do what's
necessary after finding out the shocking news. A fleeting moment between Carl Barnaby
and his maid. In the end, action is louder than words.

CH 18 - Chubby and Carrie share some shop talk. Ronni does a little workout and Jessi
joins her. At Wyse Gyze Detective Agency, Samm and Carrie go over their current
cases. Carl Barnaby shares a tender moment with the maid Maria.
(this episode to be continued ...)

CH 19 - (continued from Ep. 18) Carl's tender moment continues with Maria the maid.
Sometimes Samm & Carrie find humor is necessary on the job. Chubby stops by the
detective's office with an offer. Jessi & Ronni have some chilling out time.

CH 20 - You never know who you might run into at the Donut Shop. Carl Barnaby
is curious as to why he hasn't heard from Maria, so he goes to check it out. As the day
goes on, Ms. Alt, the bank manager as well as Carl's secretary is introduced. The bank
proves to be a small world. You never know whose path or not you will cross.
(to be continued)

CH 21 - (continued) Samm & Carrie discuss current cases including the past
robberies and suspects. A mysterious person shows up at Ronni and Jessi's home.
Jessi learns some new info and passes it onto Ronni. Later they decide to make it a
movie night.

CH 22 - Even though a heart tries to move on, bitter memories and bad dreams
sometimes makes it hard. Carl Barnaby has a lot on his mind as he tries to figure out
what his next steps should be and decides he needs to take care of some business.
Samm and Carrie wrapping up another case with their findings.

CH 23 - After leaving the Porter home, Samm and Carrie are happy that's it's not a typical
outcome case. Another case may be closing for Samm and Carrie, plus an awkward
moment arises at the Pittsvale Police Station. Ms. Alt would really like to help out her
longtime friend and colleague Carl, but he's not sharing whatever may be going on in his
life with her.

CH 24 - Curiosity and feeling helpless, Ms. Alt takes things into her own hands.
(continue)Touchy subject with Samm at the Pittsvale Police Station. Carl sets up another
appointment. Samm and Carrie do another infidelity case. Maria and her hubby continue
on their road trip.
CH 25 - Samm and Carrie take a drive to pick up the missing teenager to reunite her
with her family. Jessi and Ronni have an enjoyable afternoon after work. A late night
visitor slips in and out at
Carl Barnaby's home.

CH 26 - Carl meets his new maid, Edith and later in the morning he sets out for his
appointment with his lawyer. Alice is looking for Carl and starts her search at the
bank. Jessi makes a suggestion for the girls upcoming weekend, and Ronni just
loves the idea.

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