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Short Films Written, Directed & Produced by Marilyn Oakley of MLO Nightwolf Productions -Created Using Moviestorm A big thanks goes to these Modders for their work: ShortFuze, 3DTree, EugeneE, Bilbu Mods, Shirley Martin, PapaG, Two Moon Graphics, Lovely Striped, Jumper, TheBroomOfDoom, jamoram, kkffoo, writerly, Nahton, primaveranz, chris ollis and many others.

These are a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the authorís imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

BRING ME A DREAM - (c)2019 MLONightwolf Productions/Marilyn Oakley
Drama/Tragedy Set in a small town in the 50's. Sometimes tragedy doesn't always bring closure and a dream may be all you have. Voice Overs: M Oakley

ROOMS - (c)2018 MLONightwolf Productions/Marilyn Oakley
Becky wakes up to find herself in a maze of rooms. Will she be lost forever or will she be able to find her way out? Sometimes we have to fight our own demons alone.
Suspense-Thriller - Written, Produced & Soundtrack- Marilyn Oakley

THE SUBWAY - (c)2018 MLO Productions/Marilyn Oakley - Miss Childs life revolves around the subway.
Is it real or only in her mind?
the supernatural ... is claimed to exist
Does it exist in a place or a person ... or both? Written/Produced Marilyn Oakley

Synopsis: Prologue: Introduces the 2 main characters of this film; Jessi & Ronni. Synopsis: Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton have had enough. They decide that life has been less than fair to them and hasn't given them enough opportunities, so they are going to do something about it. Ronni and Jessi resolve to take charge of their own lives, their own destiny...and to make their own opportunities...even if the opportunities require them to become...collaborators in crime.
Samm Wyse and Carrie Gyze are two ambitious and determined detectives, bent on upholding the law and hopefully bringing the two girls to justice.

Prologue: Introduces the 2 main characters of this film; Jessi & Ronni.

CH 1 - Sets up how Jessi & Ronni will eventually meet. Some insight into their current
state of mind.

CH 2 - This chapter finds the 2 girls building on their friendship after meeting and
spending a weekend with eachother and sharing a tender moment.

CH 3 - Some insight to what the 2 girls may perhaps have in common, and we further
learn of a broken heart of one to go along with the bruised heart of the other.

Chapters Continue at Collaborators In Crime (series) CLICK Playlist CIC Chapters

5 Episodes at youtube Playlist MadhouseMania

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