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To My Heart (Oakley/Morgan)

I really love - I mean, LOVE IT BIG-TIME - the progression and the vocal melody for the parts comprising the second-half/ "choruses" of each section - the sections with the lyric beginning with the lines "I can bare my soul . . .," "I need to let you know" and "There's no space too far," and ending with "To my heart." -----------------------

Love this song!
I'm a huge fan of Elton John, and this sounds alot like him and Bernie T. when they were at their very best.
"There's no space too far to travel, nor time too long to wait Your starlit beauty leads a pathway straight To my heart"
Man, if that doesn't melt you, nothing will!
The pauses at the end of the verses are very effective, and your voice shines on this one. Sorry, nothing to complain about.... I think I'll just listen again :)
Rick --------------

This song is beautiful ... it reminds me of the old Genesis when they were at their best in the 70's ... the Steve Hackett guitar style ... and that is really a compliment :) The kind of song you love more and more with each listen ...
Great stuff !!! ----------------

Wow... I'm really enthraled by your voice and this tune... There is a powerfull alchemy between both... Really beautiful and bewitching ! Well done! --------------------------

Guitar sounds great.
I like the non standard chorus type there. Where the sentences are different but you finish with To my Heart. That's a cool and inspiring way to work in a theme. ---------------------------

I dig this Darin and Marilyn. Darin, I was expecting you to transition into electtic and do your Progresssive Rock Kansas type thing. I could see it working in this tune if you are so inclined. That being said, the guitar work is beautiful. I love the picking pattern. I agree too with Simon. It definately has a bit of an old Genesis thing going on. Love the vocals as well. Really nice work you two.

In His Eyes

hey Marilyn,
I love that singers voice lovely and really enjoyed listening to the song well done you that's a lovely piece of work good luck with this,

Hey Marilyn,
You have a very powerful and beautiful song here. It drew me in from the first line. I think just about anybody could relate to this. It really takes me back to a time in my life.
Great job!!
All the best, Bryan

Hi, Marilyn. This is something we all can connect with and the flow is as lovely as the words are heart-wrenching.
"The torment I feel it gets pretty real"
"Cold and colorless drops hit my face; guess I'm not so alone after all"
Very vivid imagery. Beautiful write, girl! Keep up the awesome work. Really nothing here to pick apart!

from a professional songwriter, who's had over 200 songs recorded worldwide. Keeping his name private out of respect.
The idea and emotions of the story and observations of the man and "his eyes" is just right. And I LOVE the bridge too as the ONE TIME in the whole lyric where an actual physical connection is almost made to break through the whole observation nature of you watching him and thinking about all this on the line "He felt my glare and I quickly looked away." Of course the beauty of this is the possibility that he almost DID see you looking at him and almost broke through your detached observations of him into actually have a direct connection. This is a very powerful way to do this bridge. In fact Marilyn, I must conclude by just telling you again how proud I am of you for working so hard through a lot of different opinions to get this just right, and having it now all seem so perfect at the end of the journey. Well done !!!
Music Comments:--- First and foremost however you look at this and all the questions of the music, the structure, the length, the genre, etc., you have to accept the clear fact that this is a lyric driven and lyric centric song in the end. And with that as the driving force, everything has to revolve around that to achieve the maximum "oomph" thus lyric possesses and expresses beautifully in an understated, elegant way. And so it is no easy feat to make the music and production all revolve around that and still have its own place and weight in the overall equation. But it does beautifully. So whatever I would or could still say about any of those things or aspects, i prefer to pretend or imagine this is the first time I'm hearing this song and take it all in fresh on first blush. and on doing that, this whole song just rolled over me magically as intended like a gentle afternoon where you suddenly notice this guy over there in the park, and the whole song unfolds from there
Originality Comments::--- This is TOTALLY "original" for you and whatever the commercial outcome, it is an exquisite piece of work from you, hard fought, well earned and deserved.
Commercial Viability Comments:---- I'll just go with the simple fact that this song is perfect "as is" and whatever that means commercially so be it. Not every song has to fit some cookie cutter idea of what that means anyway. So if you are already getting strong response right out of the gate from people who are hearing it, this can't be wrong and is as true and strong a barometer as anything.

11:59 on lyrics alone

from a professional songwriter, who's had over 200 songs recorded worldwide. Keeping his name private out of respect.
His comments; "When you tell a story it is like a movie. So the challenge to me is to be totally real life, cinematic, colorful, like a movie in first person. That's the double challenge, and it's the double whammy when you do it right, and that's what I love about this, because I think Marilyn's doing slamming me in the face and I love it. I think it's truthful, I think she tells the story as it happened, but she's talking about how she felt about it, and I think it's devastatingly effective because it's both cinematic and colorful which means entertaining for the audience but it's also emotionally involved.
Very strong, I love it, it's a fresh idea, I really got an awful lot of emotion and it was very sad, very moving and of course this is before you even have any music and you know that's what's even more amazing that I was already having such a strong reaction just from the lyrics and you don't even have music yet.
Certainly you're starting off with the possibility of having a killer song just with the lyrics alone.


"I really like how you were able to capture the intimacy of a tragic event that you weren't a part of. Being a writer or an artist who is able to capture that without experiencing it is what makes them successful I believe. Good Lyrics." -------

"Wow-- very sad and powerful! I love the way you conveyed the urgency and shock! When I read your compelling wheelchair line, I could see this girl losing her balance and needing the wheelchair, because on her way to the hospital, she was hoping and praying that he would live....and then the huge shock of seeing her sister-in-law." -------

A well-written story about a tragic event. I hope it's fiction. 10 years visiting his grave! Wow! This lady is loyal. ------------

Read your lyric first thing Monday morning and my heart sank,I was drawn right into it.I was glad I saw Jim's post.It may be fictional but it has a ring of truth and believability that gives it strength.Thanks for giving me a scary start to my week!!! ----------------

Hi Marilyn,
This is a commercial country song, and none the worse for that. It invigorating just to read it.
You have the tale telling, the emotion with a strong hook to hang it on, and bullet proof rhyming scheme. Brilliant work. Respect to you. Rudi ------------------

hey marilyn,
everything rudi said and more very clever use of the time 11.59 to many good lines to mention but have to mention first pre chorus so original THE TIME STAMP LEFT A SCAR i loved this piece strong imagination very well done you take care...tony (benjo) -----------------

Hi Marilyn
Great use of imagery with your have the gift...looking forward to more of your postings....great job!! will certainly be one to watch!!...regards, Mike ------------------

OMG!!!!! You nailed this one. Fantastic use of words, a very different concept, but my oh my did it work. I cannot help but hear Taylor, Trisha, or Carrie singing this one in my head. To tell the truth.....this makes me think much of my stuff stinks, that's how good I feel about this one.
This particular piece, in my opinion, perfect, lacking only a melody and performer. It rocks that good to me. In fact, so perfect, that often my efforts pale were they to be compared.
I really do look forward to the time when this one would be performed.
Joe ----------------------------

Brilliant, Marilyn. You are an awesome storyteller in your lyrics and definitely a country writer through and through. You know who you are when you write.
For me, 11:59 is the time our phone rang and it was my "now" ex-husband's "other woman" calling...and I when I saw the title...I had something else in mind so it was a nice surprise when the story took me somewhere else (tho unfortunate for the singer in this story).
Anyway, it's a hit...any charting female country artist could cover this...great job! Push it!
Amazing work tho and I'll keep my fingers crossed someone takes this soon! Cheryl ---

Hi Marilyn
The writing in this song is very good, as well as very emotional. Reading it paints such vivid images and brings forth real emotions, which is rare for a song to do to me. I cant offer any real suggestions as to how to improve, but I just wanted to say great job!
cheers ... matt ---

beautiful, love the title and you use of pre-choruses
I LOVE THIS!! Wasn't ready to say good-bye the whole county ... heard my cries
Johnny --

Just read it again for perhaps the 20th time, and my skin still crawls. I Just can't say enough about this one. Masterful use of words. Unbelievably so.
Joe ------------------

This song is incredible. I could totally imagine hearing it on the radio someday. Great job! kbean

I agree with kbean. I love it and was really grabbed by the title

Let Your Heart Soar

This made me think, and that's rare....I'm a doof...wonderfully written! Kaci R

So inspiring and beautiful uplifting Poetry. Peg B

UPlifting write....wonderful.....BHUWAN

Excellent poem. LM

very insightful poem...Robert F.

Indeed something to smile about... Thanks for sharing, Rodd

There is a great deal of insightful wisdom and advice in this piece. Thank you for this offering, Marilyn. Regis

This poem was very stimulating. As i read it, i felt the intensity rise until the very poetic ending, that closes a great inspirational poem.
The poem is true to life, but it takes it a step further. The wording is perfect making the message of the author very clear. It gave me a new insight to life, and to what i should try and do with my life, and about my past.
The message is clearly displayed. But what i liked most of the poem was the ending. She really brought it home with the end. It was like a poem within a poem, and it could make great song lyrics. I encourage Marilyn to add to the last part, and make it another sepereate thing, perhaps song lyrics. Very Nice! ankushkjindal

This is the kinda poem would should recite when faced with troubles in any type of event in your life. It's very inspirational. And in this day and age, we need all the inspiration we can get!
I'll 'let my heart soar' in praise of this piece of work. Marilyn, I give your poem 5 stars. I agree with Ankush, it should be a song!
kudos, Christina

Candle Light The Way

This was very beautiful, I loved this, Reindeer

Awesome message and beautiful poem. Taylor T

Nicely done with a beautiful flow. La Belle R

I can hear the lyrics without the links. The words sing their own lullaby! Blessings, Brittany

One candle doesn't light very much a country of candles will light the way to freedom. Steve

Excellent poem/song. super message. write-on. Jay C

Great write for a somber topic we will all light our candles these holidays. thanks, donna.

Wildest Dreams

This is very good. Love the ?. Peg B

Well done. Good question. Mitchell W

Did It Rain In Your Heart?

beautiful emotions and verses. peg b

When I First

Beautiful poetry. Taylor T

Very nicely done. Kevin M

So very well done beautiful. Peg B

sigh..... In Spirit, Bear

When the first is is always beautiful. Super write. Jay C

A most beautiful piece indeed! ~Nikki~

Very beautiful work. Amor

Beautiful, tender write. Mitchell W

Christmas Time A Moment A Tear

Marilyn, thanks for the first Christmas poem I've read this season. Great write, and puts me in the mood already. Let it snow! Ed K

This is so beautiful...Peg B

This is a beautiful poem, reminded me of the Christmases I spent at Nonna's, wonderful write... God Bless ~Michelle~

Beautiful...very beautiful write!!!! Bhuwan T

Beautiful write; thanks for sharing! :) (((HUGS))) and much love, your Texas friend, Karen Lynn.

A beautiful and meaningful poem. LM

Oh my so gorgeous, full of meaning and sentiment! You have me singing holiday tunes, the classic ones!;O) ~Nikki~

That's the Spirit! Jeff M

I like this, Soft and beautiful. Very well done. Jay C

It's All Our World

If only... Well done...written and expressed...BRAVO! ~Nikki~

These are such wonderful thoughts....ohhh if it could only be that way...what a wonderful world it would be....there may be hope after all...excellent and wonderful write. Allen

We seem to share a similar worldview. Jim D

Office Visitor (short story)

Ah, getting in the halloween spirit, I see. Very imaginitive! It seems the author let Martin off easy this time...or did she? :-) Tony P

this was a good piece... God Bless ~Michelle~

Other reviews:

"I love your poetry. It is sensitive and passionate. I would love to see what you write on a bright sunny breezy warm day. I’ll bet you could make a blind person see. It must be great to be able to create something so expressive with using everyday words. I can't believe how easy you make it seems. I Once Knew could have been written about me. There are books published with poetry and they aren’t as good as yours. Your poetry is beautiful. I hope your work becomes celebrated by those who have no idea you exist right now as well as those of us who recognize your value and talent." - Ruthie H.

"Marilyn Oakley is an artist...and a the truest sense of the word. Whether penning lyrics for a song...or composing a work of fiction...or even a poem, she has all the genuineness, honesty, and integrity that marks good writing at its essence. Artistry is subjective at its, it is said, lies in the eye of the beholder. Yet, Marilyn transcends this truth and makes one wonder whether or not, for some, empirical talent is a reality.
Of her most poignant works is the beautiful, "Love's Like A Novel"...a truly unique and fresh approach to an ages old idea. Indeed, who would have thought that love is like a Novel? Well....Marilyn Oakley. And she was right.
- Tony P., "Wesley Harris and the Rotten Patterson Kids"

On her songwriting, songs, stories, poetry.

"Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a writer and I love the emotions you dredge up from your heart and write on paper. That means you've been loved. It also means you've been hurt. Bummer. But it makes for some fabulous songs!!! Great songwriters are usually grey, balding men with 20 years experience... there are some exceptions: tall women with chocolate eyes, lovely smile and golden tresses. That could easily be you, Ms Marilyn.
You have great ideas and write some good lines. I'm a successful writer and I kinda know the ropes and I believe you have the tools to create a good song shop.
You have talent.”
All The Best Dear Lovely Lady! - Dan G.

"Marilyn’s poetry possesses a simplicity and poetic flow I have yet to see in the others work I've read, yet they convey a meaning, a truth that we can all share. She displays a perfect rhyme scheme, with the perfect rhythm to attract everyone into reading the poetry. There is no doubt that others will love and cherish her poetry, and I cannot wait to see a copy of Let Your Heart Soar in everyone's hands." - Ankush

Hey Marilyn! Great new songs!! Did It Rain In Your Heart is my favorite....I like the way you used the phrases associated with rain. I wish you a lot of luck with getting them published. You are a great writer - someday I'll find the time to write again and we can collaborate on another song. :)
Brenda -----------------------

In RE to Wannabe
Hi Marilyn,
Finally got a chance to read your story. Very good! I enjoyed the character development and especially the water gun robbery! Very good humor!! Keep on going, I think you've got something great!
Bill (-:

n RE Nightwolf Poetry
Hi Marilyn -- Just finished listening to all your poems. I gotta tell ya, it takes a lot of guts to do what you've done with these pieces -- and I'll tell you why. In songwriting, the music and melody are in balance with the words performed and they help take the focus off the emphasis of the words and the voice. In poetry reading -- and I admit I've heard next to none before listening to yours -- you're laying it all on the line where you, and you alone, are front and center.
I think you've done an admirable job for something that I consider to be VERY difficult. The background music is a very nice touch. I wouldn't want to hear myself doing what you've done -- I'd probably butcher it. I particularly like "Christmas Time A Moment A Tear". I guess I find that there's something about the Christmas theme in particular that works well with this style.
You know Marilyn, if you can do this, I think it's time you tried singing/recording your songs -- at least try if you never have. I sense a smoothness in your voice that may work well. You'll certainly have to experiment with more melodic 'layerings' when singing that the melody inspires, but if you let loose and don't be shy, you can probably do it -- and the more you do it, the better you'll get.
Overall, nice work on your poetry. Bye for now.
Yours in song...

Wow - thanks for sending me your links. I haven't been able to see and listen to everything yet, but I really enjoyed what I've seen and read so far. I've admired your writing talent for a while already - so I'm not surprised - which is one of the reasons that I'm glad you liked my song well enough to want it on the CD... although you've sometimes commented on my lyrics, you'd never heard me play and sing before...
Keep up the good work Marilyn. I'm proud that you call me friend.
Friend back to you, and all the best, Letty

Marilyn, I just listened to your songs. You sure write GREAT lyrics and the music's outstanding also. Your style is very much like the songs Charlie McLain does. I'm sure you've heard her. I have a lot of her albums. She visited The Bloomsburg Fair one time. Her husband was a soap opera actor and he did a duet with her at the fair. All the women went crazy when she brought him on stage. (Soap Opera Fans). You have a great GOD given talent. Thanks for the sites to visit and hear. Keep writing good stuff and try to get Lacy to do one of yours. I don't like her new stuff as good as the old.
God Bless, Ron

Thanks so much for your submissions. I have to tell you, we've been the most impressed with you of everyone we've talked to so far, but unfortunately the music isn't quite the style HH is looking for. Thanks again for your submission. Keep in touch.
Mary G ===================

RE: Candle Ligh the Way
You wrote a very cool song!! It is a beautiful song. My mom and dad think it would be a good idea also to have part of Younger Generation on my Links section of my website.
Thank you for suggesting it. Well thanks for writing. I'm glad you liked the duet.
The song is the the best one on the album.
Logan :-) (O'Brien)

======== Hi Marilyn,
This Is Melissa, Ace's Mom...
I wanted to thank you for joining his street team. I really love the songs you write. If you take a look on Ace's street team under files... He sang Candle Light The Way, with Joey. We hope you like it.. It is one of Ace's favorite songs !!
Well Nice to meet you.

Reviews on her story "All Work & No Play No Way!"

I loved it! by Tony Pearson
(note to readers: I was pleasantly surprised to see Marilyn Oakley delve into the book writing she was only known to me before as a fantastic songwriter. If you've not heard her're just missing out on the best in life)
It's a very cute and funny've gathered quite a bunch of party animals who have quite a collection of quirks and hang-ups. :)
I like your choice of names...very creative and fitting for each character. The author's comment is a unique touch...I've never seen that in a story before...but it's an interesting twist and one that works in this one.
Over all I'd say it's a very good aimed for humor and hit it. And you made characters that are very true to life and your story doesn't seem to be bogged down in fantasy...but shows these people with the same sort of quirks and hangups that are often present in real life individuals. It's as if you drew from people you knew. (some of whom I wouldn't want to know LOL)
Very nicely done, Marilyn. Congratulations. Now if I could just find a way for you to sign it for me. :)

Enjoyed! by Kathy W
Hey 'M' Finally finished your cute story! Enjoyed it and especially enjoyed the author's comments as I read along :)
All very interesting characters for sure :) Keep up the great writing my friend :)

Good job... by B Scull
Hi Marilyn!
I finally got around to reading it! Here are my comments:
First- a lot of interesting, colorful characters. I really liked how they each carved their own niche within the story! It did jump from character to character a bit quick for my ability to keep up with it, but I confess, I don't read a whole lot of books, so my mind is more geared for the short attention span and limited topics used for magazine articles, news, etc.
I liked hearing what the women were thinking- that made it interesting, especially when it came to some of the more adult issues, it's entertaining to hear a woman's perspective, which is not often made obvious in stories.
To me, the whole thing read more like a screenplay than a short story, and maybe you could market it that way? I think it would make a neat TV show or TV movie.
Overall, I really enjoyed it. You are very talented!!
Bill (((-:

Reviews on her song Black Heart Bleed Red (classic rock)

In RE Black Heart
Saw your post on WCWCW BB. I thought the song was good, with a powerful feeling. I could see it in a movie....(like in a "Crow" type movie, or many others with similar energies.). Just thought I'd let you know my feeling.
Axis ------------------------------
Black Heart I absolutely loved that song Aunti!! I found it on Selenas Veneration site/fanfics board and downloaded it. Now I've been listening to it for quite a while, I can't seem to stop listening to it... :)
I mailed the person who posted it on Selenas site and hope to get more info about who it is that is singing. I'd love to hear more!!
I'm usually into old 80's hardrock bands as WASP, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and such. Rammstein, Metallica and Misfits are also favourites...
But I listen to any music that's good :) The music for now is rather "dark and heavy" since I'm a bit stressed out with all the studying and other not so fun personal stuff, so I'd love to get more "depressing" ;)

-------------- Thanks for the comments Mephista,
I had the same reaction to Black Heart Bleed Red when I heard it. I would love to hear it in the background of Vin's Diablo movie. I think it would fit. Like you, I listen to it a lot. It has me hooked.
By the way, Washington faintly resembles Sweden in that it tends to be dark, rainy and somber here too, but I adore it. I'm just not the tropical kind.
Love, Aunti
Anyway I am finally home and have had the opportunity to listen to both numbers.
I must say both are good, but Black Heart Bleed Red is the Bomb! The treatment is excellent and suits the lyrics perfectly. Very complimentary. The vocalist has a really good feel for the music and the words. The use of distortion really heightens the suspense and emotion.
Way cool. I'd buy it on an album or as a single. It is a hit for me. I like Love on The Edge, but I am not as partial to the treatment, because I don't care much for Country-feel type music. Now if it were punked out and raw like some of the music from Sid and Nancy, I could probably dig it because I still like the lyrics.
That's my two cents, for what it is worth Marilyn. I hope they choose Black Heart. I swear it would be chillin' to hear that in a theater!!
Good luck Marilyn and don't give up on the rest of us turkeys on the list either!!
Love and Hugs ((((Marilyn)))))
Aunti -----------------------------

Marilyn, I just finished listening to it! You must be psychic....people think I am, but they get it confused with psycho! LOL All the songs are great...especially Black Heart....Ms Mephisto was right! It sticks with ya! Definitely a keeper! Who sings that, and do you write the music, too? The folks doing Diablo's music would be nutz to pass this one up :) Gonna go check the Vin boards...see you there...and thank you for the CD!!!!!
hugz, Kathy
playing Black Heart over & over :D~ Kathy K ---------------------------

RE black Heart & Takin It Down
You wrote these? Man they're awesome, they're WILD -- and different. I definitely like 'em. Up my alley -- real cool! I was surprised Marilyn -- just because I haven't heard anything as rocky as this from you -- though you were a real country girl! :-) -- even sounds a bit 'underground' -- if ya know what I mean. I can definitely hear this in a movie soundtrack. Best of luck with it. And Bill did a great job -- as usual -- a very versatile guy -- and obviously, so are YOU!!
Later... Tom

Tink has replied (with title "Oh My God!!!"):
Marilyn!!!! Oh my god!!! Heart Bleed Red is absolutely fan-friggin-tastic!! You have an absolute WINNER!!! It reminds me of some of the retro 80s stuff that I absolutely love!!!!
Listening to Love On the Edge now.... It's good, it really is Marilyn...but Heart Bleed Red is a very very tough act to follow. This can be the B side of the Heart Bleed Red single! You go girl!!!!
I'm SO glad I stopped to listen!!

Black Heart/Movie Song
Marilyn/Nightwolf, Cool~ When listening, I saw lovers, a dark hero type energy, set in a edgy dark atmosphere. (vampires, or a more Mythic type Hero that is Dark & sexy~~ young,~~set in a dark time.)
'Crow'-like superhero, or 'Blood and Donuts'-like guy ( without the donuts~~smile),etc.
And plus your music Is cool, and I am grateful I could experience it. I Definitely could see this piece in the movies!!!!!
I Respect and Appreciate You taking the Chance in your offering. Keep up the good Work, and stick with your heart in this matter~~~and all will become.
Thanks dreaming Nightwolf~~~may your heart keep singing it's music! Good luck, and thanks for sharing!
see ya at the movies~

Black Heart Bleed Red
I'm listening to it right now and I have been listening to it over and over for quite a while now. It's dark and absolutely lovely. I don't know if the terms is rightly translated into English, but I love music that sort of has a heavy sound to it, but not necessarily speed. I don't give a damn about speed metal... hate it. But this is sort of more my kind of music; dark and has a heavy sound and bass.
Thank you very much Marilyn! Now I'm gonna torture my student corridor with blasting their ears off playing this song ;) (I'm a student so I live in a small room in a student corridor on the campus) and they're not especially into this music - here it's Britney Spears and stuff like that. But I might turn them onto better music ;)
Thanks again :)
Ms Mephisto / Maria

sounds like a pretty good production. Nice vocal effect. Song flows good. Every once in a while the vocal gives me a Rob Halford vibe. hook is in there, mood is laid-back and easy. This is cool!!!
Extra Credit: Melody
- CRANIUM2112 Indianapolis, Indiana

cool intro, nive effect on the vocals, i like the mood, but i don't get the hook, yet this song still rocks!
Extra Credit: Most Rocking Track.
- legend9285 Birmingham, Michigan

Good job
Vocals are unusual sounding but nice and full with a good change .This is different and very good .Im not thrilled over the drums but doing the job .Nice mysterious mood .Good job
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood.
- theFrame Manor, Delaware

Alot of effects on the vocals, but I like it for this song. I like the prechorus, and chorus. sounds a little bit like guns and roses.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Production, Grooviest Rhythm.
- steelballs Silver Spring, Maryland

This song makes me think of serpents on heroin. The effects on the vocals immediately got me interested. Very clever. Good marks all the way around. Sorry, I can't find anything to complain about
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Mood.
- Alamantra Birmingham, Alabama

Nice Mood ! Vocals sound good - the phase-shifter may be a little to much. Hook/Chorus - nice vocal changes but hard to put a finger on what will Hook !
- drunkendwarf Lakewood, Colorado

backward guitar was cool.nice dark sound. use of odd chord progressions are cool, however may have to grow on people. like what your trying to do. repeats at the end finally hooked me. very interesting. took a while. i hope people give this song a chance and don't turn it off for lack of normality. good job
Extra Credit: Mood, Originality
- farcry24 La Porte, Indiana

im not much on effects but overall i would say that it would be a pretty good song without the effects
- greatsmurf Hot Springs, Virginia

This song is radio ready!! Excellent vocals , great story in the song. Well put together , the bridge works beatifully, except for the synth strings , which are either are doing a little too much, especially when it is mimicking the vocals note for note. Ease off on the phase shifting too. You should leave it on the vocals and take it off of everything else or it is no longer allows the vocal to stand out. Very good tune overall. This is the first track I listened to 3 times. Each time it I listened it hooked me stronger.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Mood.
- 7Stringer

Vocals are very solid. Vocal effect is cool too, although you may want to think about changing it up on the chorus. The hook is there. Good song guys, I like the mood.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood.
- ross321 Owensboro, Kentucky

There are always a few bands that surprize me on GB's, your one of them. The recording quality, ie. mix/production are very good. The musicianship is flawless. The vocal, hook & mood are right there. The song itself would get street credibility but I have a hard time hearing it on the radio...but who cares! Good stuff!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production.
- MYKIDZ Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Return to the 80s with synths domination
The synths really helped make this song and got me into listening to it over and over. The vocals with the synth/effect are great especially the later use of back ground vocals under the lead, If the vocals could be a little louder than the instrumental tracks, it would be even better but the vocals be lossing out due to the compression of the audio track, under real player. Like I had said earlier the synths are what really hooked me to this song and kept me listening. The nostalgia of 80s synth along with the expertise you have applied them is what makes this a song that is lost track from two decades ago. The hook also sets the mood with the dark 80s love songs that float in the background of a movie screen.
Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack.
- timeis748 Lexington, Kentucky

Warm atmosphere. Pink Floydish. Some nice things happening in the production. The double vocals in the 2 verse is just right. Good vocals. I don't like all the strings, but that's because I'm not into such things.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals.
- sissydogfish Aalesund/Bergen, More & Romsdal/Hordaland, Norway

Nice production.
Catchy vocals. The effects are a little heavy though. Hook is there and love the general mood of the song.
Extra Credit: Melody, Mood.
- doctordaves Uppsala, Damn It's Cold, Sweden

Sounds unique!
Very good arrangement.. I like the way the song builds. The vocals are excellent but a bit too much effects for me. I hear your band rising in the days to come!
Extra Credit: Production, Melody, Mood.
- WarriorFC Visalia, California

Comments on song Candle Light The Way

Teri P; So lovely!! Marilyn you are so Creative and so talented!

Douglas W; Another hit Marilyn! Beautiful work. :-)

Kathleen D; Thank you so much, Marilyn. This really touches my heart.. you are truly brilliant!

Carlos G; Wow these get better with each new one! Awesome!

William S; I love this one Marilyn!!!! We did good here!!! Video kicks butt too. Nice job Marilyn!!!

To whom it may concern:
My name is Sharon N and I am the Computer Competition coach. We are preparing for our competition on March 20 and have come along the one song on your album Candle Light the way, we would like permission to use this song in a PowerPoint presentation one of the students competing is using. The PowerPoint is entitled Security In America, it is based on what we have done as americans to protect ourselves from another attack.
Thank you for your cooperation and time.
which went on to
I just wanted to pass on a message that Angela took 1st place at the computer competition with her powerpoint, we are going to add a short video clip for states, once that is done I will send the finished version. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COOPERATION AND HELP!!!!! YOU ALL ARE GREAT!!

Heavens Window Pane (cowritten w/ S Crews)

Kathleen D, Now that's very beautiful, Marilyn..... I love it!!

Douglas W, Beautiful, emotional, reaches into the soul. I shed a couple tears. Thank you Marilyn.

Phil M, That was so nice, beautiful harmony and lovely voice. God bless.

Kevin W, Beautiful, that is so anointed, I have the shivers/goose bumps lol Jesus Lord keep blessing Marilyn with her music Amen that got right in my heart

Love Will Find A Way

Ed R M; Marilyn.....wowwowwow....absolutely a new Christmas classic. Go for it. You are fantastic.

Jimmy W; Very nice.

Robert W; Abstively posolutely amazing, tearful, joyful what can I say?

Douglas W; WHAT A PLEASANT AND JOYOUS SURPRISE. And so many times when we pray for God to reveal Himself to us, He says: "Look in the closet, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, IN MY WORD!" Happy and heartfelt...thanks Marilyn.

Donna J; Thanks for sharing this beautiful, heartfelt song. I love the words. xxxxxxx

Denver R; How very nice. Thanks!

Sharon C; Very Nice M I Loved it!

Mary Lou N; Took about 10 seconds for goosebumps to pop up all over! Amen!

Laura L; wow! I absolutely loved it very heartfelt song thank you Marilyn

Peter R; Awesome, Marilyn! Very heartfelt and warm, it has a real Christmas song feeling!

Reviews of her song I Am The Music (techno)

Mandy Moore the Second A nice, happy-feeling track. I felt like dancing right as soon as it started. It sounds a little Mandy Moore-ish, which is the only down side. Great lyrics, it puts a smile on my face!
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Melody, Beat, Best Dance Track.
- Jazz_8 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Coolest Dance Track Ever! Inductred into Hall of Fame!!!!!!
ooh it was tight! me like! it totally should have been in dirty dancing! i love that movie. guys did great. i would buy your cd probably. so keep on singin! and remember, never make fun of a serial killer when he's holding a butcher's knife.
Extra Credit: Best Dance Track.
- jude_is_great Portland, Oregon

Strong Good strong beat. Keep up the good work. P.S. Good vocals 2.
- Eva_02 Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

cool grove.
nice sound cool groove
- hartsoup Calgary, Alberta, Canada

She is the MUSIC
Great production on the vocal, excellent lryic. Drums could be a little more prominent for the dance floor. Nice chord structure & melody. I like this track.
- Coffee__boy Redondo Beach, California

rock'n roll hip hop all night
fun song, not too hardcore me likes
- LesterB Montreal, Quebec, Canada

mix this in with any works!
feels right..sounds right...what else is coming from this group?
- rubineby West Palm Beach, Florida

Energetic Female Voice
great female voice with a hot dance track. WINNER
- brainalton Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Voice Tone Down
Interesting beat, the voice should be toned down a little bit - attracts a bit too much attention. Otherwise, awesome job!
- CanadianGoose Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A Very Good Dance Song
It is a very good dance song and it has good vocal
- JareBear Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sounds great. I wouldn't change a thing...would be great for the clubs!
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Grooviest Rhythm.
- TenderSuccess Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This track is the FREAKIN BOMB!!! Keep up the good work!
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Best Dance Track.
- Reticulum4 San Francisco Bay Area, California

Review of song Love On The Edge

Just took a break from doing income taxes to listen to "Love On The Edge". Another real good 'un that's up my alley. I like the lead guitar 'riff' quite a lot. Production-wise, although instruments are very well played, I find that the overall instrumentation is set just a bit too far back in the mix, such that the vocals dominate a bit too much. This may be just a personal production bias though. Nonetheless, a very fine song. Good luck with it.
Take care Marilyn.

(:AWESOME LYRICS:)Very smooth vocals.Sounding ever so good.Gets my vote(:ABSOLUTELY:)Keep them coming this is so good.Voting for sure.Love it.Your Songramp Bro.~(:Yrral Mallik:)

Love Sure Will Try

Love Sure Can Try
That song IS a hit! VERY good song!! :)

Reviews of her song We Are

rustyblake ... I loved the jangly guitar! I think the vocal could come up a bit in the to see the lyric posted. Very nice harmonies and a great melody!

Awesome contemporary feel - love the style and the vocals. A wonderful listen - I enjoyed it! jb the geezer

Nice arrangement, I agree with Rusty your vocals are great bring them up a tad! I enjoyed this, it's very fresh. Jerry

You got a great tune. Well done, love the message that you tell here. Everything seems very tight and self standing. Great lyric, great melody, great vocal. Thanks for sharing this jewel.............rick hall Rard

dig'n the edgy arrangement and production. sentiment is fit for a King! lyrics intelligent and engaging. I wish I knew what 'free' meant!!! I will admit I was a tic overwhelmed by the 'creation verses evolution', 'free', and 'one nation' all together. (just me). all that said I still love the thought evoke'n quality. thanks. LoanShark

We are, We are...You are right! Enjoyed, -Jerry johnlobello

We Are loving it right up.Enjoyed the listen.We Are voting.Your Songramp Bro.~(;Yrral Mallik;)

Reviews of Expelled No Intelligence Allowed

Cool song, I enjoyed my listen. Jerry geediane

Great sound - I enjoyed the music. :) FastEddie

Very cool tune. Clearly right for Ben Stein...fits the model, for sure! Nice! BGJeff

This rocks very nicely, and it's a strong write. Congrats on first runner-up. Who are the performers? dillon

Interesting rocker!!! voytek27
Good song and good production. Enjoyed the listen. Voytek

Nightwolf Lover
I've bookmarked your site for further exploration. The "Night Wolf Lover" lyric is gripping, original, and has a slaveringly spooky edge to it. I haven't met a love song with this mood ever. Grabs you by the gut! Keep writing.

Mackie H

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